Eco-Friendly Rain Water Urn Collection Choices

By Aisha

Welcome to our guide on eco-friendly rain water urn collection choices! If you’re looking to conserve water and reduce your home’s water usage, rain water collection is a fantastic option. Not only is it environmentally friendly, but it can also help you save money on your water bills. Before you start collecting rainwater, it’s important to check if it’s allowed in your municipality. Once you get the green light, you can explore the various rain water urn options available.

Key Takeaways:

  • Rain water collection can help you reduce water use by up to 40% if your area gets 1 inch of rain.
  • Check if rain water collection is allowed in your municipality before starting.
  • There are various eco-friendly rain water urn options to choose from.
  • Consider capacity, material, features, and aesthetics when selecting a rain water urn.
  • Make a sustainable choice that complements your eco-friendly lifestyle.

Treelike Texture: Impressions Rain Barrel

The Impressions rain barrel is not only functional but also a beautiful piece of garden art. It features a treelike texture and a sandstone finish that adds a natural touch to your garden. With a 50-gallon capacity, this rain barrel is designed to withstand various elements.

The treelike texture of the Impressions rain barrel not only blends seamlessly with your outdoor environment, but it also adds depth and visual interest to your garden landscape. The sandstone finish gives it a rustic and organic appearance, creating a harmonious connection with nature.

But beyond its aesthetics, the Impressions rain barrel is built to last. It is resistant to puncture, impact, fading, and breakage, ensuring its durability for years to come.

Featuring two brass spigots for simultaneous drainage and an internal reservoir for easy maintenance, this rain barrel offers convenience and functionality. Additionally, it comes with a built-in flower pot lid, allowing you to add a touch of greenery to the top.

Immerse your garden in the beauty of nature with the treelike texture and sandstone finish of the Impressions rain barrel. Harvest rainwater sustainably while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space.

Faux Stone: Good Ideas Downton Rain Barrel

The Downton rain barrel from Good Ideas is a stylish and functional option that brings the look of European cobblestone streets to your garden. Made of durable polyethylene plastic, this rain barrel is designed to withstand the elements while providing a visually appealing focal point for your outdoor space. Available in three natural hues, it effortlessly blends into any garden aesthetic.

With its faux stone design, the Downton rain barrel adds a touch of elegance to your rainwater collection system. It not only serves as a practical solution for capturing and storing rainwater but also enhances the overall beauty of your garden.

faux stone rain barrel

The Downton rain barrel is equipped with several features that make it a top choice for eco-conscious homeowners. Its waterproof and weather-resistant construction ensures long-lasting durability, even in harsh conditions. The integrated overflow channel prevents flooding, providing peace of mind during heavy rains.

In addition, the Downton rain barrel includes a screen to filter out debris and insects, ensuring that you collect clean, clear water. This feature is especially important for those using rainwater for gardening, as it helps maintain the health and vitality of your plants.

Two brass spigots are included with the Downton rain barrel, allowing for easy access to water for various purposes, such as watering plants or washing outdoor equipment. The barrel also comes with a convenient flower pot lid, adding a functional and decorative element to your rainwater collection system.

If you’re looking for a rain barrel that combines functionality with aesthetic appeal, the Downton rain barrel from Good Ideas is an excellent choice. Its faux stone design, durable construction, and thoughtful features make it a standout option for any garden.

Wicker Basket: Algreen Rain Barrel

The Algreen rain barrel offers a unique and stylish wicker basket design that is made of durable plastic. Its traditional urn shape and beautiful black finish, which is fade-resistant, adds an elegant touch to any outdoor space. With its wicker appearance, this rain barrel seamlessly blends with various garden decors.

This rain barrel is designed to withstand the elements, making it resistant to water, weather, and other harsh conditions. Its sturdy construction ensures long-lasting performance, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of rainwater collection for years to come.

While the Algreen rain barrel does not come with a planter, its wicker basket design provides a visually appealing alternative. It complements the natural elements of your garden, creating a harmonious and eco-friendly environment.

Make a sustainable choice with the Algreen rain barrel, combining functionality and aesthetics in one beautiful package.

Key Features of the Algreen Rain Barrel:

  • Unique wicker basket design made of sturdy plastic
  • Resembles a traditional urn shape
  • Pleasant black finish that is fade-resistant
  • Resistant to water, weather, and more
  • Blends well with any outdoor space


Varies based on modelSturdy plasticBlackVaries based on model

“Wood” Barrel: FCMB Rain Barrel

The FCMB rain barrel offers a classic and authentic “wood” barrel aesthetic with its brown polyethylene finish. This unique design not only adds a touch of rustic charm to your garden but also blends seamlessly with farmhouse-style surroundings. The barrel’s flat-back design is not only space-saving but also allows it to sit comfortably against any wall or structure.

Featuring an overflow connection, the FCMB rain barrel ensures efficient water management by diverting excess water away from a building’s foundation. Additionally, its grooved bottom helps direct water flow, maintaining optimal drainage and preventing any potential damage.

wood barrel

Main Features of the FCMB Rain Barrel:

  • Classic “wood” barrel appearance with a brown polyethylene finish
  • Space-saving flat-back design
  • Overflow connection for effective water management
  • Grooved bottom for proper water flow and drainage

With its combination of functionality and inspired design, the FCMB rain barrel is an ideal choice for anyone seeking a durable and visually appealing rainwater collection solution for their garden.

Column Planter: Good Ideas Savannah Rain Saver

In the realm of rain water urns, the Good Ideas Savannah Rain Saver stands out with its elegant column design. This rain barrel offers both functionality and visual appeal, making it an excellent addition to any garden. With a generous capacity of 45 gallons, it provides ample storage for harvested rainwater.

The Good Ideas Savannah Rain Saver is crafted from durable polyethylene resin, ensuring longevity and resistance to the elements. It comes in various colors, allowing you to choose the perfect shade to complement your outdoor aesthetic.

Aside from its stylish appearance, this rain barrel also boasts a range of practical features. It features a forward-flowing diversion channel, which directs water efficiently into the barrel while keeping debris out. The built-in brass spigot allows for easy access to the collected water, and the debris screen prevents unwanted materials from entering the system.

One of the standout features of the Savannah Rain Saver is its column-style design, which facilitates easy positioning close to your home. Its compact footprint makes it ideal for smaller spaces, while still offering ample water storage capacity.

Another unique aspect of this rain barrel is its lid, which doubles as a planter. You can plant water-loving plants or flowers on top, adding a touch of greenery and natural beauty to the barrel’s design.

Whether you’re looking for a practical rain water storage solution or a stylish garden accent, the Good Ideas Savannah Rain Saver with its column planter design offers an excellent choice. Its combination of functionality, durability, and elegant aesthetics makes it a standout option in the realm of rain water urns.


Rain water urns are not only eco-friendly but also stylish additions to any garden. These urns provide a practical solution for collecting rainwater and reducing your home’s water usage, making them a sustainable choice. With a wide range of options available, you can choose a rain water urn that suits your taste and needs.

Whether you prefer the natural appeal of a treelike texture, the elegance of a faux stone design, the charm of a wicker basket style, the rustic look of a “wood” barrel, the modern silhouette of a column planter, or any other preference, there is a rain water urn that will complement your garden beautifully.

When selecting the perfect rain water urn, consider important factors such as capacity, material, features, and aesthetics. Determine how much rainwater you wish to collect and choose a suitable size. Look for durable materials that are resistant to weathering and fading. Consider features like spigots, integrated overflow channels, screens for debris, and additional functionalities like built-in flower pot lids or planting surfaces.

Make an informed decision based on your preferences and the unique requirements of your garden. By choosing an eco-friendly rain water urn, you can contribute to water conservation efforts while adding a touch of elegance to your outdoor space. So explore the variety of rain water urn collection choices available and make a sustainable choice that aligns with your eco-friendly lifestyle.

FAQ Rain Water Urn

How does rainwater collection help conserve water?

Rainwater collection is a great way to conserve water as it allows you to capture and store rainwater for later use. By using collected rainwater for activities such as watering plants or washing cars, you can reduce your home’s water usage and rely less on municipal water sources.

Can rainwater collection reduce my water use?

Yes, rainwater collection can significantly reduce your water use. According to, capturing rainwater can reduce water use by up to 40% if your area receives 1 inch of rain. This means that by collecting and utilizing rainwater, you can make a significant impact on conserving this valuable resource.

Is rainwater collection allowed in all municipalities?

No, rainwater collection may not be allowed in all municipalities. It is important to check with your local government or water authority to ensure that rainwater collection is permitted in your area before you start collecting rainwater. Some municipalities may have regulations or restrictions in place.

How do I choose the right rain barrel for my needs?

When choosing a rain barrel, there are several factors to consider. First, determine the capacity you need based on the size of your garden and your water usage. Next, consider the material of the rain barrel, such as plastic or polyethylene, and its durability. Additionally, think about the features you desire, such as spigots for easy drainage or built-in filters to remove debris. Finally, consider the aesthetics of the rain barrel and choose one that complements your garden’s style.

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